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Veer Capital is a boutique business finance specialist. We spend time getting to know your business and then tailor the financial solutions to suit. While we have a range of financial products to draw from, we structure each facility to create the best financial outcome for your business circumstances.

We are neither Non-Banking Finance Company under Acceptance of Public Deposit (Reserve Bank) Direction 1998 nor Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) within the meaning of clause (d) of Section 2 of the National Housing Bank Act, 1987. We arrange and syndicate the funding requirement through our alliance partners who are Term Lending Institutions, Commercial & Co-operative Banks, NBFC, Housing Finance Companies, Vehicle Finance Companies, Agri Finance Corporations, Stock Broking Finance Companies, etc.

Whether you are a sole medical practitioner, a pre-IPO corporation, a home-based business, a retailer or manufacturer, an IT company or a fruiterer, an importer or an exporter – no matter what kind of business and no matter what your circumstances, we are able to assist you meet your business goals more effectively.

Veer Capital is a non-bank arranger offering the kind of boutique financial services for small to medium businesses that were previously only available to large corporations.


Veer Capital will arrange short-term (under 12 months) for any business purpose. We will generally arrange unsecured up to Rs.5 Lac, secured upto Rs.25 Lac and provide bridging finance for up to Rs.10 crores (secured).

How does it work?

Let’s say that you are a frozen food supplier to a supermarket. Your refrigeration breaks down over the holiday period and you have a delivery to make in 2 days to the supermarket. While you have insurance, it will take at least 3 weeks for a claim to processed and in the meantime, you need to replace your ruined stock and fix the refrigeration. Veer Capital will arrange you funds quickly, either as a line of credit leasing facility, or as a short term loan. If it’s a short term loan, you repay us when your insurance claim is processed.

Or let’s say that your business has sold its commercial office property and the settlement date is 2 months away. You have 10 staff and the business needs to move to new rental accommodation. You need to pay a lease deposit, provide a Bank Guarantee for Rs.35 Lac to the Lessor and fit-out the new office. In this case, Veer Capital would fund the Bank Guarantee and arrange the other Rs.25 Lac to your business, secured against a second mortgage on your commercial property.

For bridging loans where the repayment is to come from sale of the security property and where your regular cash flow won’t support your borrowings, we can consider an interest payment holiday (retention) for the term of the loan. The interest retained is invested in the borrower’s name in the Mortgage Trust, with monthly withdrawals to meet interest payments.


Veer Capital can arrange to businesses and professionals to smooth out cash flow through cash flow arranging, invoice discounting and factoring.

How does it work?

Let’s say you are a successful medical practitioner with a very busy practice, but Medicare takes 6 weeks to rebate your fees to your bank account. You have Rs.3 Lac outstanding at any one time and you just can’t get ahead enough to buy one diagnostic machine, which you desperately need. Veer Capital will arrange you a discounted value of your outstanding rebates.

Or maybe you’ve invoiced a number of high-quality "blue chip" customers, but they are very slow payers (sound familiar?) Veer Capital will "buy" (factor) those invoices from you at a discounted rate – up to 90% depending on the quality of the debtor. Factoring can also be "disclosed", where we factor an ongoing contract with your client and the monthly invoice states: "please pay Veer Capital". We then collect the value of the invoice from the client, take out our fees and return the rest to you.


Veer Capital has mortgage finance of all kinds. Mortgages can be commercial or residential and both can be used for business & investment purposes. As well, mortgage finance can be mixed with our other products to create a structured finance solution for any business requirement.

For commercial loans we can arrange from Rs.1 crore to Rs.200 crore. They can be used for investment, debt consolidation, bridging finance, refinancing and a wide range of business purposes. The term is up to 5 years, payments are usually interest-only and our serviceability criteria are more flexible than other arrangeers.

Residential loans can be used for the purchase or refinance of an owner-occupied or investment residential property, personal expenditure, debt consolidation, investment in shares or superannuation, or for business purposes.

Real Estate development finance, we can arrange a maximum of 100% of land & hard cost items to completion or 80% of the end-sale value. The interest rate varies according to LVR and risk assessment.

LVR Loan to value ratio is an important calculation to keep in perspective when purchasing property with finance. The way to calculate loan to value ratio is divide the loan amount by the actual property purchase price or valuation (whichever is the lower).

Rs.35 Lac loan ÷ Rs.50 Lac purchase price or valuation =0.7 x 100 = 70% LVR

Our Project Finance and Commercial Real Estate group have a broad range of relevant expertise:-

  • Purchases and sales of commercial real estate and complex joint ventures
  • Sophisticated pooled-asset and REIT roll-up transactions
  • Large-scale projects, including hotels, shopping centers, assisted living and retirement facilities, hospitals, technology facilities, mixed-use projects, build and renovate-to-suit office buildings, industrial parks, residential complexes, and related entertainment facilities and condominiums
  • Commercial leases, including retail, office and warehouse projects
  • Debt and equity financing, mezzanine financing, tax increment financing (TIF), real estate investment trust (REIT) contributions, like-kind exchanges and other financing vehicles for real estate transactions
  • Credit enhancements, ground leases, joint ventures, investment tax credits, conservation easements, guarantees and indemnifications
  • Workouts of large-project credit facilities.


Veer Capital provides leasing finance for plant and equipment, allowing you to save your valuable cash. A leasing facility is tax-deductible and means that you don’t need to spend cash reserves on large expenditure items such as office equipment, vehicles, machinery, computers, telephony & IT systems and professional equipment.

Leasing can be for business or consumer purposes and is provided as a line of credit. The minimum term is 24 months and the maximum is 60 months. We have a variety of leasing types and products and we’ll tailor the mix to suit you.

We will accept a range of security options, including:

  • First and second mortgages and caveats;
  • Charges over the business, its property or other assets;
  • Signed contracts for settlements (property or asset sales);
  • Delayed income, signed invoices & regular receipts (factoring);
  • Bills of Sale over vehicles, boats & yachts;
  • Irrevocable authorities to pay;
  • Personal guarantees and third party guarantees;
  • Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit, Convertible Notes and other financial instruments;
  • Stocks and shares in public companies.
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