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We avoid making noise. We mask our Investment Knowledge.

Please be aware that Cash Management precedes Investment Management.

We frequently hire & pay outside advisors for their special areas of skills.

We co-invest with financial institutions, corporate investors, family offices and high net worth individuals around the world.

Veer Capital Management Pvt. Ltd.

    • India Investment Representative of Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) and Foreign National Investors
    • Investment Administrators
    • Cash Management
    • Indian Equities
    • Depository Receipts
    • Indian & Global Mutual Funds

Our investment philosophy focuses on opportunities for long-term value creation through steady, consistent performance with limited use of leverage. We base our investment decisions on detailed, research-based analysis and thorough due diligence. Our investment processes are designed to incorporate risk management into every investment decision, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Risk management has been a core element of our business since inception and remains a critical part of our investment process today.

The long-term interests of our funds are central to the way in which we approach our business and invest for growth. Our growth strategy is based on building and expanding our investment platforms and geographic presence. We believe our focus on delivering consistent positive risk-adjusted returns to our fund investors by capitalizing on our competitive strengths and the investment opportunities we see globally will also serve the best interests of our public company shareholders moving forward.

Our Team

Experienced Global Investment Professionals

Our experienced team of over 27 investment professionals works from our headquarters and satellite offices. Our business partners and associate net work at New York, London, Zurich, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Singapore supplement our core team in India. The breadth and depth of our composite team helps us quickly identify new investment ideas and strategies on a global basis. Building on years of shared industry experience, our investment professionals' deep knowledge of the capital markets around the world and long-term relationships with financial leaders are critical to our success. We time investments and disinvestments to maximize our gain.

Broadly our Equity Investment Advisory is catagorised in four as under:

    1. Concentrated Growth Equity Investing
    2. Mid-Cap Growth Investing
    3. Large Cap Growth Investing
    4. Value Investing

For brevity, here we are explaining Value Investing.

Veer Capital investment philosophy has been to create value by investing in change - change created by industry trends, economic cycles or specific company circumstances. Our tradition of providing unique investment insight and value-added operating capabilities to companies undergoing change, as well as our comfort in dealing with complexity and distressed companies differentiates us from many traditional equity investment firms.

Our Value Team focuses the majority of their time on this portion of the process— understanding the company, assessing its future, and evaluating information that cannot be captured by quantitative methodologies. We analyze things such as the company’s products or services, competitive advantages, barriers to entry, capital requirements, sensitivity to changes in key business drivers, and the quality of management.

The objective is to find companies where the early fundamental improvement in free cash flow can be sustained into the future. We also calculate what we think the security is worth today.

We evaluate critical valuation factors such as price-to-earnings, price-to-cash flow, price-to-book value, ROE, ROA, cross-border comparisons, merger and acquisition transactions.

Valuations will be a key determinant of the composition of our portfolio. Our investment decisions, subject to investment mandate, are driven by the upside potential of stocks rather than the market cap that they command. We invest whenever we feel that valuations are compelling.

Our financial model uses three distinct, approaches to the valuation:

    1. a discounted free cash flow calculation using our company forecasts,
    2. a proprietary "returns-based" peer analysis, and
    3. a method to calculate the cash flow returns for a business and its ability to reinvest at or above those returns.

These projected values are then weighted in relation to which method has been most predictive in the past to create a price target for the stock.

Each potential new idea is then presented to the entire Value Team, who challenges our investment thesis and forecasts for the company. Once a stock has been discussed from all angles and the analyst decides it should be purchased, its weighting is determined by our perceived risk for the company, its relative appreciation potential, and our total weighting within that particular industry or sector.

A stock is sold for four reasons:

    1. it reaches its target price,
    2. the company’s prospects and/or valuations are no longer attractive.
    3. a more attractive investment idea is developed,
    4. changes in fundamentals violate our original investment thesis, or
    5. its market capitalization becomes too large.


Focus on Out-of-Favor/Under-Appreciated

Industries We do not base investment decisions on swings in conventional wisdom about the attractiveness of industries. We have successfully invested in industries such as Tourism, Media, Commodity, Cellular, and Automotive parts among others when they were perceived to be out-of-favor with the markets.

Disciplined, Value-Oriented Investment Approach

Our analysis of any investment opportunity is underpinned by rigorous due diligence and an intensely analytical focus on value. We believe that this disciplined, value-oriented approach will always serve investors well in the pursuit of investment opportunities, even in an environment, which may have flat or contracting valuation multiples over the holding period of an investment.

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