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1Developing CDM projects to produce Certified Emission Reductions (CERs)

Veer Capital Green Group has a large and experienced team dedicated to generating certified emission reductions from projects and enabling project developers to secure revenue by taking them through the entire process, from creation to sale.

With offices and associates around the world, Veer Capital Green Group’ staff are on the ground, identifying potential CDM projects, assessing the commercial viability of these projects and entering into agreements for the development of the certified emission reductions potentially available.

Our local offices operate in the local environment, speak the local language and are well versed on local and international regulatory requirements. Veer Capital Green Group offers project developers the opportunity to lock in prices for their credits at the outset of the project development process, thus sheltering themselves from long term price fluctuations. This can be accomplished by entering into forward selling of emission reduction streams through long term Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs) at fixed prices.

Once projects have been assessed and deemed viable, and an agreement has been signed, our team of experts will guide the project through the complex regulatory process, which comprises of initial assessments, full project documentation, monitoring and verification of greenhouse gas reductions, and finally certification. Our team has unrivalled experience in the emission reduction creation process, having created a wide range of methodologies, registered by the CDM Executive Board. By engaging our team, project developers will benefit from this pool of expertise, increasing their chances of producing successful certified emission reductions and reducing the timeframe required for registration.



Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement - ERPA

A transaction that transfers carbon credits between two parties under the Kyoto Protocol. The buyer pays the seller cash in exchange for carbon credits, thereby allowing the purchaser to emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The standards for these agreements are outlined by the International Emissions Trading Association. We will facilitate the documentation.

What Veer Capital Green Group will do for Buyer of CER…2

    • Assess the commercial viability of using your existing assets to create certified emission reductions
    • Develop all the project components and guide the project through the complex CDM project cycle
    • Buy the carbon credits through an Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA).

For the project developer (seller) this means:

    • Securing additional revenues from certified emission reductions
    • Prompt start of their project development
    • Veer Capital Green Group bears the financial risk related to credit creation by providing time and expertise before emission reductions are achieved, thus lowering the risks for project developers.

We provide comprehensive service to seller and buyer of Carbon Credit such that both maximize their potential through our in-house, partner & associate network.

Carbon Consultancy

"Carbon" has become the basic unit of environmental performance. A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with your business or its products. Reducing the GHG emissions associated with your business activities is the first and unavoidable obligation on the road to best practice.

VCGG is one of the world's leading consultancies in carbon measurement and reduction. We are at the forefront of analysing embodied and operational carbon in your real estate, business operations, products and services.

We offer expert consultancy services in the following areas to companies committed to making emissions reductions:

    • Carbon Management
    • Carbon Footprint Measurement
    • Carbon Emissions Reduction

Whatever the size of your business, however far you have stepped along the path to reducing your carbon emissions our team of experts can help you.

Carbon management

Perhaps it's already clear what you must do to manage the carbon emissions associated with your business, but for most organisations carbon management will be complex. You'll need to factor in the obvious elements such as energy consumption and transport. You must also look beyond the obvious; otherwise any claims to good practice could be undermined.

We'll review your business operations and define the boundaries of your carbon footprint. Using an extensive data base and the latest tools we can then measure the carbon impact of your business and/or products.

We'll help you develop comprehensive carbon management strategies in order to make GHG reductions and ultimately move towards Planet Positive status. We will ensure that all processes fit with your corporate and financial priorities. We can also look at a particular issue or process which needs improvement.

And if you are thinking about joining the VCGG Supply Chain Network, our consultants will help you embed these policies in your business practices and optimise its impact at every level.

Carbon footprint measurement

VCGG continues to establish industry-leading techniques in carbon footprint measurement, from setting the boundaries for measurement, to data collection and analysis.

In the absence of a globally accepted carbon measurement standard, VCGG has created the Planet Positive Protocol. It is an independent standard signifying best practice in carbon management and sustainable business and certifies that a business has measured and reduced the carbon footprint of its services and products, offsetting the remainder beyond carbon neutral status. Go to dcarbon Supply Chain Network website to read the Planet Positive Protocol.

The Protocol can be applied to a business, its products and services and even consumers. At whatever level, the certification process starts with accurate measurement of the applicable carbon footprint.

For individuals and small (non-manufacturing) businesses the simple DIY carbon calculator on the Planet Positive website may well be sufficient. For larger and more complex businesses we offer bespoke measurement services to ensure we can offer a tailored service of benchmarking and reduction planning.

This measurement process is available as a standalone service, or as the first step in the Planet Positive certification process.

Planet positive

Planet Positive is an international mark of environmental achievement. This award-winning mark signifies that a business, product or person is making annual reductions to its carbon footprint and is offsetting the remainder by 110%.

Wherever you see the Planet Positive mark, it ensures that a product, person or business has measured and verified a net positive impact on the planet, its ecosystems, and its people.

VCGG offers Planet Positive accreditation for businesses, services, products, events and large scale building developments. We offer this as a stand-alone service or as part of Supply Chain Network membership.

The Planet Positive process includes:

    • Carbon footprint measurement
    • Carbon emissions reductions
    • Offsetting into verified carbon projects
    • Reporting and communicating your actions
    • Use of the Planet Positive mark

Having accurately measured your carbon footprint we work with you to focus on reducing it, more often than not actually saving you money. We help you make the most of your Planet Positive accreditation by supporting your reporting, marketing and communications.

As emissions regulation tightens and public consciousness of climate change increases, knowing the extent of your carbon footprint and taking strides to manage and reduce it are now imperative. Planet Positive helps you to make a positive environmental statement and future-proof your business.

Carbon emissions reduction strategy

A carbon footprint will be defined by a whole range of different activities and processes. We will audit these different processes and propose optimal strategies for carbon emissions reductions.

We'll compare your organisation with similar organisations and sector benchmarks, and highlight the payback period of different opportunities. We'll set these options against your other corporate priorities, allowing us to plan a reduction strategy that balances your short and long term objectives.

We'll help you implement this strategy and monitor its effects. Carbon emission reduction is an ongoing process. We will help you develop the programme and fine-tune it where necessary.

Carbon Projects

Carbon Projects are a fundamental part of the global drive to combat climate change. The concept of creating GHG reducing projects is a key part of the Kyoto Protocol and the carbon savings from these carbon projects are sold as carbon credits to businesses globally to enable them to reach mandatory or voluntary emissions reduction targets.

The money raised from the sale of these carbon credits is fundamental to financing the creation of the carbon project in the first place. Whether the projects yield compliance or voluntary carbon credits, the key issue is that the carbon projects in which you invest are verifiable, quantifiable and additional.

Our extensive international experience of carbon projects includes:

    • Creation and Development of Carbon Projects
    • Carbon Offsetting
    • International Carbon Markets

We can help you to identify credible projects around the world that yield quantifiable carbon reductions as well as support your corporate sustainability vision.


Not every business is well placed to create its own carbon projects, but we have the experience to review your operations and help you make an informed decision. We can advise you on existing projects and we can also develop specific carbon projects that are in sync with your business activities. These bespoke projects can contribute to your sustainable business strategy, give you a profile in the carbon markets and even generate a supplementary income stream if you choose to sell the associated carbon credits.

Our carbon project team has created and developed many carbon projects. We follow strict externally-verifiable methodologies, using the market-leading Additionality Tool to create Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) compliant projects under the Kyoto Protocol. We can create projects to comply with all available protocols ranging from Voluntary Projects, Gold Standard Voluntary Projects, CDM Projects, JI Projects, Gold Standard CDM Projects, and voluntary projects for the Chicago Climate Exchange.

We can go further by managing the creation and infrastructure of a complete Carbon Portfolio. This allows you to plan your environmental future many years in advance.

Carbon offsetting

As climate change becomes better understood by a wider audience, companies run the risk of damaging their brands if they do not engage in carbon emissions reduction. Whilst the process of reducing emissions is correctly regarded as being the fundamental and primary issue to address within a business, it is an ongoing process which can take many years to have a significant effect.

It is highly unlikely that any business will be able to have a zero carbon footprint. This is why carbon offsetting is widely recognised as an integral way to neutralise emissions whilst further reductions are sought and implemented.

At VCGG we source top quality carbon credits from projects around the world, according to the standards set out in the Planet Positive Procurement Policy. Our strict standards ensure that you can report your involvement in carbon offset projects with total confidence.

We can help you develop a bespoke portfolio of projects that yield quantifiable and verifiable carbon credits, or we can offer you access to the VCGG Carbon Exchange, where you can invest in verifiable credits arranged in uniformly price blends.

Our blends have been designed so a business can budget for its offset and support a range of technologies or regions whilst ensuring that each constituent project is of the highest quality and meets the requirements of your corporate CSR. Uniquely, each blend has also been designed so that it includes a further contribution to a selection of environmental projects with high CSR value so that you can feel confident that you are not only wiping out your carbon footprint but also enhancing your contribution to the other important issues of global sustainability.

Carbon markets

Trading in global carbon markets requires expert knowledge in itself: naturally you need to be confident about the projects associated with the credits you buy. They are created to make emission reductions and each type of credit follows a range of protocols and standards, setting the quality of the carbon credits.

There are many different carbon credits available and tradable on the global carbon markets. The mechanisms for trading are themselves often complex and specialised.

Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) describe the output from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. The CDM, created by the Kyoto Protocol, allows developed countries to invest in carbon reduction projects in developing countries.

The Voluntary Carbon Offset market is growing fast and is, as yet, unregulated. There are benefits, such as the ability for voluntary projects to act as a proving ground outside heavily regulated, formal markets.

We'll guide you through these processes, helping you to create and manage a viable portfolio of offset projects that yield the carbon credits your business requires.

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