Our Philosophy
Wealth maximation is our motto for Investors’ funds with adequate margin of safety built in our advice suitable to each investor.

We have observed that engineers make good entrepreneurs whereas people from management schools turn out to be good managers.

We look to fund upward of $5 million for a number of small start-ups. As regards IPO, we look forward to encourage many aspirants upward of $10 million.

We have always encouraged and invested in individuals, not firms. The one with thousand suits, thousand five hundred ties, may not be candidate for VCPE or IPO backing. We search for the ethos in the entrepreneur.

I look forward to individuals with the spark to drive the idea into concrete utility. An Idea that represents disruptions in the way normal business is carried out. We look forward to such ideas Google, Facebook, Bharti Airtel, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Cadila Healthcare, India Bulls, etc.

We do not attach much significance to exits. It is not good for the long run. Then one would be always scared about failure. We look at how concrete the idea is, where will it lead to, how would the accompanying environment shape up etc.

We use our Art of Negotiation else where and not while grooming an entrepreneur.

About Us
We are incorporated since 1996. Our principal promoter Mr. Manish Turakhia is in stock market since 1990 and has extensive experience is several aspect of Equity and Finance market in India and selectively across the globe.